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For every business, embedding your distinct identity in a lasting way is key. When your staff are at the centre of your brand presentation, whether in hospitality, industry or at an event, their workwear is more than just a uniform, it’s a canvas for your brand. B&C understands the importance of workwear customisability – not just great looking styles, but ones that can be decorated for vibrant and lasting results.

Achieving decoration results that leave a lasting impression requires that fabrics meet two crucial criteria, in addition to comfort of course: definition of design and colours, and durability.  Whatever the garment, the quality of the fabric and its durability will ensure sharper decoration outcomes that can better withstand wear and wash.

That’s why B&C workwear styles are not just designed to be decorated, they are made of fabrics that have been rigorously tested to ensure excellent decoration results, regardless of the technique used.

For example, the fine piqué fabric of B&C polo shirts delivers outstanding results in both print and embroidery. With their tight knit and smooth surface it’s possible to get brilliant results even when embroidering the finest logo, whilst print results are as perfect as on a t-shirt! Discover B&C My Polo, a range of classic modern styles made of the most advanced fabric – OPTIMIUM™ – delivering lasting and vibrant print results.

The smooth fabric surfaces of B&C sweatshirt styles make them ideal decoration partners too. For your finest, most subtle designs discover the B&C PST, with it’s 100% combed cotton outer surface. Tightly knit and extremely smooth, it delivers the best print result every time.

You want to showcase your premium brand?  B&C Royal PST line combines the advantages of B&C PST with an ultrasoft peached feel. A luxurious look and hand feel with an enhanced printing surface and excellent pilling resistance.

Sustainability is one of your values? Then the B&C Inspire line is what you need. Made of 80% pre-shrunk ring-spun combed OCS certified Organic (5%) and Organic in Conversion Cotton blend and 20% RCS certified Recycled Polyester it has been tested and approved for all standard printing techniques applicable on cotton.

From simple logos to complex designs to showcase your business – choosing B&C for your workwear means you’ll have the ideal canvas for your customisation. With our styles, you’re not just making a statement, you’re ensuring your brand message endures and shines brightly in today’s competitive business landscape.

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The world of hospitality is one of service and attention, where the tiniest details craft unforgettable memories. An often-overlooked element with potent impact is colour – the magic wand that shapes brand identity and sets the mood. B&C steps in as the answer when the hospitality world seeks standout shades to match its vibe.

With over 150 shades to choose from, B&C brings a rainbow to your uniforms. From the bold to the serene, we’ve got every mood covered. Vibrant tones, like a fiery red, make modern restaurants pop, while soft blues and gentle beiges are the palette of choice for tranquil beach resorts. It’s more than just fabric; it’s about telling your brand’s story with every hue.

Colours aren’t just pretty; they’re emotional triggers. B&C’s range isn’t just diverse; it’s a way to complement an atmosphere. Deep reds and golds add luxury to fine dining, while soothing greens create a calm atmosphere for spas. There’s a colour for every emotion your establishment wants to evoke.

Beyond aesthetics, B&C’s colours empower your team to live your brand. When they wear uniforms that match your vision, they walk taller and serve better. The uniform becomes a symbol of professionalism and unity, building trust with guests.

But it’s not only about style; it’s about making things clear. Differentiating roles with colours streamlines the guest experience. When guests can spot a waiter or a housekeeper with ease, it makes their stay smoother.

In the end, B&C is about turning uniforms into a canvas of your brand’s identity. They’re not just clothes; they’re storytellers. Every colour, every shade, weaves the tale of your establishment, creating memories for guests and an identity for your team. It’s about making your hospitality experience vibrant, memorable, and united.

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In today’s ever-evolving work landscape, where the hybrid office model takes centre stage, professionals seek a fresh approach to workwear, blending comfort, versatility, and style. B&C stands as the ultimate solution, aligning seamlessly with the modern workforce’s needs and aspirations.

As traditional constraints of formal corporate wear dissolve, B&C garments embrace casual comfort without sacrificing professionalism. Our wide array of styles is meticulously crafted to strike the perfect equilibrium between fluid movement and a polished aesthetic. Whether you’re transitioning from video calls to in-person meetings, our smart t-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts effortlessly adapt to your dynamic day.

Versatility remains at the core of B&C’s ethos. Our carefully curated selection of pieces ensures a seamless fusion of style across diverse settings. From the relaxed ease of a casual office environment to the impactful presence demanded by a client presentation, B&C styles empower your team, instilling the confidence to navigate any scenario with grace.

The quest for the perfect fit lies at the heart of B&C’s collection. Infused with precision and meticulous attention to detail, our garments offer a comfortable and flattering silhouette for every body type. Premium fabrics enrich the wear experience, facilitating personalisation, while ergonomic designs grant freedom of movement and unrestricted mobility, even during the longest of days.

A distinctive trait of B&C is our dedication to offering coordinated styles with gendered fits. Perfectly tailored for both men and women, our collection ensures seamless matching ensembles for your entire team. With an expansive colour palette that spans from classic hues to standout shades, finding the perfect colour to harmonise with your identity is a breeze.

Moreover, B&C’s inclusive range of sizes stands as a testament to our commitment to accessibility. We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality, stylish workwear that flatters their unique body shape. Our dedication to providing an extensive size range underscores this ethos, ensuring that every individual is embraced by our collection.

And now that sustainability is paramount, B&C rises to the occasion. By making use of more sustainable materials and ensuring an ethical supply chain we offer a sustainable solution for your teamwear. What’s more, styles are designed for longevity, transcending seasonal trends. This timeless approach not only reduces the need for frequent replacements but also aligns with environmentally conscious choices.

In a realm where comfort meets style and versatility intertwines with functionality, B&C emerges as the beacon of modern workwear. Choose B&C to empower your team with attire that not only embraces the demands of the hybrid work model but propels them towards success with confidence and flair.

B&C is more than just teamwear; it’s a statement of who you are and how you navigate the modern work landscape. By choosing B&C, you’re choosing a brand that understands your needs and aspirations, empowering you to excel with confidence and style, no matter where the hybrid work model takes your business.

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When your team’s needs demand gear that seamlessly blends performance and style, look no further than B&C Pro. This collection understands that achieving peak performance requires the perfect fusion of function and fashion. Featuring 7 professional styles, spanning from t-shirts to jackets, B&C offers a foundational range of robust and functional workwear, meticulously designed for both indoor and outdoor activities, no matter the season.

The B&C Pro Collection embodies the brand’s unwavering dedication to providing workwear that conquers every challenge. With 7 distinctive styles, including T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and bodywarmers, B&C ensures your team is equipped for any task, whether in the workshop or under open skies. Each garment is thoughtfully crafted to offer complete protection and adaptability for rigorous work, without compromising comfort and mobility.

Sharp cuts, meticulous detailing, and a keen design sensibility form the bedrock of B&C Pro’s approach to crafting durable workwear. Comfort is paramount, and every style is tailored to provide both ease and confidence. B&C recognises that true functionality comes from the marriage of smart fabrics and innovative technologies. The result? Workwear that not only performs but also makes a style statement.

B&C Pro takes your team’s identity to heart. Each piece in the collection provides ample space for decoration, allowing you to proudly display your business logo. Your workwear becomes a canvas, transforming into a calling card that showcases your team’s professionalism and dedication to excellence. With B&C Pro, your gear transcends functionality; it becomes a statement of style and pride.

Pairing seamlessly with B&C’s essential styles like t-shirts, polos, and sweats, B&C Pro’s heavier-duty styles find the perfect companions. Consider B&C My Polo styles, featuring an ergonomic fit and premium fabric, including a 65/35 recycled polyester/Better Cotton* eco-style. By combining heavy-duty pieces with these foundational elements, you’re not just creating uniforms, but cohesive and fashionable work ensembles. This combination underscores your commitment to practicality while highlighting your team’s unique style and unity.

B&C Pro styles introduce a fresh perspective to heavy-duty workwear, where style and function are integral, not optional. With a range of key styles designed to excel in any environment, B&C Pro ensures your teams are poised to tackle each day’s challenges with unwavering confidence. Elevate your team’s image, enhance performance, and revel in the harmonious blend of style and functionality that B&C Pro embodies.

* Better Cotton’s mission is to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment.

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In a world increasingly conscious of our environmental impact, sustainability is taking centre stage across many industries. Workwear, a vital part of corporate identity, is no exception. As the drive for a greener future gains momentum, the demand for sustainable workwear is soaring. Enter B&C’s cotton-based styles  – a game-changer for companies seeking eco-friendly workwear.

The B&C’s collection of cotton-based styles seamlessly aligns with the demand for eco-friendlier options. By prioritising more sustainable materials and manufacturing, it cuts the environmental impact of garment production. Showcasing organic cotton, organic in conversion cotton, Better Cotton*, and recycled polyester, this collection not only benefits the planet but also supports ethical farming practices.

Longevity, a cornerstone of sustainable workwear, shines through in the B&C’s cotton-based collection. Built for durability thanks to high-quality craftsmanship, these garments conquer daily wear and frequent washing. This focus reduces replacements, lessening the environmental footprint. Plus, the availability of versatile neutral colours ensures easy integration into any wardrobe, promoting mindful consumption.

Quality is non-negotiable in B&C’s sustainability commitment. B&C cotton-based styles showcase precision tailoring, meticulous detailing, and premium materials. This attention to quality enhances aesthetics, functionality, comfort and printability. Opting for long-lasting workwear fosters responsible consumption, curbing waste over time. Choosing B&C signals support for ethical sourcing and a greener future.

B&C’s cotton-based styles are a catalyst for more sustainable workwear. By weaving together sustainability, longevity, quality, and style, B&C empowers businesses to embrace a greener ethos. This collection not only dresses teams but dresses them for a brighter, eco-conscious tomorrow.

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Creating the perfect uniform for any team is essential, and establishing reliable partnerships is crucial for businesses and professionals with diverse needs. B&C is the ultimate choice for workwear solutions, thanks to our extensive network of distributors and resellers across Europe.

Our commitment to seamless service begins with the accessibility and convenience of our distributor and reseller webshops. These hubs make selecting and procuring B&C workwear styles a hassle-free experience. You can easily explore our diverse collection, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your team’s unique requirements.

Our distribution network offers exceptional flexibility too. Say goodbye to worrying about minimum order quantities. Through or network, you can buy just the styles you need, when you need them, without restrictive limitations. This adaptability ensures responsive, efficient, and tailored workwear solutions for your business.

Quick delivery is another hallmark of our network. We understand the demands of fast-paced industries, and our network members can ensure prompt fulfillment of your workwear orders.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Many of the resellers are textile decorators who can provide customisation solutions, giving your team’s workwear a unique identity. Whether it’s adding your company logo or personalising workwear to reflect your brand, our resellers have you covered.

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, responsiveness is key. B&C’s distributor and reseller network, with its user-friendly webshops, flexible orders, rapid delivery, and customisable solutions, positions us as a top-tier partner brand. Our commitment to convenience, flexibility, and quality ensures that you have the tools to equip your team with the very best workwear, paving the way for enhanced performance and a unified identity. When it comes to workwear solutions, B&C sets the benchmark, giving you the confidence to respond swiftly and excel.

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Are you in search of a workwear partner that understands the unique needs of your business while also prioritising quality, reliability, flexibility and sustainability? Look no further than B&C! Our commitment to excellence is anchored in our responsible supply chain, meticulous quality checks and an unwavering dedication to fashioning premium quality styles with contemporary ergonomic fits tailored to meet the needs of workwear customers and their teams.

We understand that flexibility, consistency and speed are vital in world where teams are constantly evolving and workwear is key to a company’s image. With B&C, you have the freedom to place orders with no minimum quantity requirements and enjoy the convenience of 24-hour delivery options. Our extensive range of styles and colours cater to both men and women, ensuring you can tailor your uniforms to the needs of your team with confidence, knowing that the durability of our collection means your favourite styles and colours will always be available for re-order.

What’s more, at B&C we believe in a sustainable approach to both our garments and our business practices. From the very beginning, we are mindful of the fibres we use and strive to maintain good working conditions in our partner factories. Moreover, we take pride in having a carbon-neutral headquarters, actively contributing to a healthier planet. This sustainable mindset not only benefits the environment but also safeguards the reputation of your business, aligning you with responsible and ethical practices.

When you choose B&C as your workwear partner, you can rest assured that you will receive top-notch garments and exceptional service. So, if you’re looking for a quality workwear collection that is sustainably produced, and offers you maximum flexibility, let us be your ideal partner, combining quality, sustainability, and convenience in one perfect package. Partner with us today and experience the difference!

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To make your business stand-out, creating a unique and lasting identity is crucial. It’s not just about the products or services your offer, it’s about how you present yourself to the world. One often underestimated aspect of this presentation is workwear. Businesses today recognise that what their teams wear isn’t just about functionality, it’s a canvas for identity creation. To achieve this, customisability is key.


Workwear customisation is about more than adding a logo or a company name. It’s about making a statement, standing out, and fostering a sense of belonging amongst employees. Customized workwear tells a story about your brand, values, and professionalism. It transforms ordinary garments into a powerful branding tool.


To create a lasting impression, the fabrics used in workwear must meet two critical criteria (in addition to comfort of course!): durability and decoration quality. Durable fabrics help ensure that customised designs keep their sharpness longer despite the rigours of daily wear and frequent washing. When your workwear looks good over time, it send a strong message about your brand’s commitment to quality.


Today, there are a wide array of decoration techniques available, including embroidery, transfers, screen printing and DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. Each method has its unique strengths, depending on garment style, design, and volume of pieces to decorate. When choosing workwear styles, businesses need to be mindful of fabrics, choosing those that will deliver the best results whatever decoration technique is used. Look for fabrics that enhance the outcomes, ensuring that logos, designs and slogans pop and remain vivid.
EMBOIDERY: A timeless technique providing a premium, textured look. Look for fabrics that ensure stitches stay secure and sharp.
SCREEN PRINTING: Ideal for larger volumes, this requires fabrics that can hold ink and maintain brilliance even after multiple washes
TRANSFER PRINTING: A versatile technique that requires fabrics that can bond well with transfers to create seamless designs
DIRECT-TO-GARMENT (DTG) : Ideal for intricate, full-colour designs and smaller runs, this requires fabrics that absorb the ink to deliver sharp and vibrant prints.


Businesses should seek workwear styles that strike a balance between durability and decoration quality. Fabrics should be tough enough to withstand the demands of their industry while providing a pristine canvas for decoration.
In a competitive world, where first impressions matter, creating the right identity is key. Workwear customisation can’t be an afterthought, it’s a strategic branding tool. By investing in styles that offer customizability and durable fabrics, a business not only creates a strong identity but also ensures their brand message endures. It’s not just about what you do, it’s about how you look while doing it, and today’s businesses look for workwear styles that make their brand shine.

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In the vibrant world of hospitality, every detail counts in creating memorable guest experiences. One often overlooked but powerful element is the strategic use of colour in hospitality uniforms. Beyond mere aesthetics, colours play a pivotal role in capturing branding and atmosphere, shaping the overall ambiance of an establishment. From restaurants to hotels and resorts, selecting the right colours for uniforms can evoke emotions, communicate brand identity, and elevate guest experience.

Colours are potent messengers of brand identity. The choice of hues of uniforms can visually communicate the essence of the establishment’s brand. For instance, vibrant and energetic colours like red or orange may suit a lively and contemporary restaurant, while earthy and soothing tones like beige or soft blue could resonate with a serene beachside resort. Aligning uniform colours with the brand’s personality strengthens brand recognition and fosters a lasting impression on guests.

Colours also have the power to evoke emotions and set the tone for the overall ambiance. Warm colours like gold or deep red may create a sense of luxury and elegance in fine dining establishments or upscale hotels. On the other hand, cool colours like green or aqua can imbue a relaxed and refreshing feel in spa resorts or wellness centers. Carefully chosen colours in uniforms contribute to an immersive and cohesive guest experience that resonates with the desired atmosphere.

Hospitality uniforms can also reflect the theme or concept of the establishment. From rustic country inns to chic urban cafes, the colours in uniforms can complement the interior design and decor, harmoniously tying together the entire experience for guests. This attention to detail enhances the authenticity of the establishment’s concept and leaves guests with a memorable and delightful impression.

Colours not only impact guests but also influence the mindset of employees. When team members don uniforms in colours that align with the establishment’s vision and atmosphere, they exude confidence and professionalism. Feeling well-connected with the brand’s identity through uniform colours empowers employees to deliver exceptional service and elevate the overall guest experience.

In every establishment, a cohesive team look is vital in presenting a unified front to guests. Uniforms in harmonising colours create a sense of camaraderie among team members, emphasising the spirit of collaboration and teamwork. When guests see a cohesive team, they perceive a well-organised and efficient establishment, which enhances their trust and confidence in the service provided.

Colour coding uniforms can help differentiate roles and departments within an establishment too. This clarity streamlines guest interactions and contributes to a seamless and delightful guest journey. When front-of-house staff wear different colours from housekeeping for example, it allows guests to easily identify and approach the appropriate personnel for assistance.

In the realm of hospitality, the art of colour in uniforms is a powerful tool that goes beyond aesthetics. It communicates brand identity, sets the ambiance, reflects the establishment’s theme, and enhances the overall guest experience. By thoughtfully selecting colours that align with the brand’s vision and atmosphere, hospitality businesses can create acaptivating and immersive environment for their guests. The strategic use of colour in hospitality uniforms is a reflection of the establishment’s commitment to creating unforgettable moments and a leaving a lasting positive impression on each guest that enters their world of hospitality.

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The rise of the hybrid office model, blending remote work and in-office presence, has brought about a significant shift in the world of workwear. As employees embrace flexibility and a more balanced work-life routine, traditional corporate attire is making way for casual comfort with a touch of professionalism. Smart t-shirts, polo shirts, and sweaters have become the new staples, reflecting the evolving workplace culture that values comfort, versatility, and individual expression.


With fewer days spent in the office, employees are favouring casual comfort in their daily workwear choices. Gone are the days of formal suits and structured attire. Instead, employees are opting for relaxed, easy-to-wear clothing that allows them to move freely and comfortably throughout their workday. Casual comfort contributes to enhanced productivity and well-being, fostering a positive work environment that accommodates individual preferences and styles.


Smart t-shirts and polo shirts have emerged as popular choices in the hybrid office setting. These versatile garments strike the perfect balance between casual and professional, making them ideal for video meetings and in-person interactions alike. With a range of colours and fits, employees can effortlessly achieve a comfortable and polished appearance.


As cooler seasons approach, sweaters and sweatshirts have become essential components of hybrid workwear. These cozy yet fashionable pieces allow employees to maintain a professional appearance while staying warm and snug in the office or at home. The range of styles, from classic crew necks to modern hoodies, adds diversity and individuality to office wear choices.


The shift towards more casual and comfortable work attire allows employees to express their individuality and personal style. Within the bounds of company guidelines, individuals can mix and match pieces to create unique looks that align with their personality and preferences. This newfound freedom fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their appearance, contributing to a positive self-image and increased confidence.


Hybrid workwear not only impacts appearance but also plays a role in enhancing work-life balance. As employees transition seamlessly between home and office environments, the ability to wear comfortable, relaxed attire promotes a smoother shift between work and personal life. This integration contributes to reduced stress and increased overall satisfaction at work.


The transition to hybrid workwear has also led to increased considerations for sustainable fashion choices. With fewer days spent in the office, employees are making mindful decisions about their wardrobe, favouring versatile, durable, and eco-friendly pieces. Sustainable materials and ethical production practices align with the broader shift towards environmental consciousness and social responsibility.

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